Water Bites Sand

Master of the Challenge for the Salt Fang Sept


homid Stargazer Ahroun, Athro


Water Bites Sand showed up at the edge of the bawn one fine day in spring and announced that he would petition to join the sept. The Warder met him and told him to leave, so Water Bites Sand sat down just outside the bawn and waited. One month later, the Warder told him to leave again, and Water Bites Sand informed the most generous warrior that he had been seized by a vision of a great inland ocean, on the very evening his father died, and he had interpreted such a vision on such an important event to mean that his destiny was tied forever to that place, and so he would stay until he was welcomed in. One month later, the Master of the Rite met him and told him to leave. He repeated his story to the most patient mystic. One month later, the Keeper of the Land met him, wondered aloud why he was sitting in the hot sun while there was an entire cooling lake to swim in, just around the edge of this little mountain. He started to repeat his story to the wise …and she interrupted him, grabbed his hand and took him with her to the lake, marching with her on one side of the bawn and him on the other. There they two met the Warder and the Elder, taking a rare bath and informal council at the lowermost edge of the lake. “This is the one I told you about. The one who will not leave.”
“No. I smell that he shall not. Well, bring him along when he has washed the dust from his clothes, and we shall see if he can prove some worth beyond stubbornness. Perhaps Breaking Mountain needs a new Guardian, or perhaps Sings Under Darkness needs a new assistant.”
Neither made use of him in those positions, although they no longer objected to his entering, and eventually Water Bites Sand found a place of respect within the sept while awaiting his destiny.

Water Bites Sand

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