Gatekeeper of the sept of the Salt Fang


metis (deformity: bull’s horns) Uktena Ragabash, Athro


Typically septs like to have a Galliard as a Gatekeeper: many of their Gifts revolve around using Moon Bridges and they are natural diplomats, ideal for negotiating with other septs. Walks Moon’s Path is simply the best for the job at this sept. He originally came from a sept in the Oklahoma Territories where he felt he was trapped by his parents’ sins. His presentation and debate regarding his worthiness impressed the old wolf in charge enough to let him stay out until the next moot. Then he impressed Yingta, and she allowed him to open relations with the sept he had just left. Truly his gift for words transcended his moon, and he was unanimously chosen to replace the recently-deceased prior officeholder. He has held his post for six years, long enough to understand the ebb and flow of sept dynamics and the realpolitik of interacting with the Wyrmcomers, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it.


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