Garou of the sept of the Golden Sky


Lupus Get of Fenris Philodox


After being driven out of his pack following his First Change, the lupus spent several confused months on his own trying to make sense of what had happened to him and what the jumbled and disconnected voices were that only he could hear. Finally, after piecing together enough of what was being said by those voices who called themselves “his elders” and “ancestors”, he made the choice to follow the majority advice and find a new pack, one of his own kind, the garou. What he found was the battle for the Golden Sky caern. Although initially not invested in the battle and somewhat sympathetic to those who were being driven out, his physical features caused them to identify him as one of the aggressors, and he was soon caught up in the battle. He fought well thanks to the guidance of one of his ancestor-elders, but was badly injured and unconscious by the end of the battle. He was later given the name “Seeker” based on his confused answer upon regaining consciousness; asked who he was and why he was there, he responded that he was seeking… followed by a string of answers, a combination of those helpfully suggested by the ancestor-elders and his own. Accepted into the sept for the help he provided during the caern takeover, he has since lived up to his name both by his tracking skills while on exploration and patrol, and by constantly asking questions of his sept-mates, ancestors, and local spirits.

Physical Description
Slightly larger than the typical local grey wolf, with longer legs. Deep black fur on back transitioning to ochre and light grey/white on underside and legs. Ochre patch on top of muzzle that extends to just under his pale green eyes.

Slightly above average height, but not overly powerfully built. Black hair. Facial hair is mix of black, grey-white, and ochre, with the ochre more pronounced in the middle of the beard. Angular jawline, with a somewhat pronounced brow ridge and deep-set pale green eyes giving him a look of intense focus or attentiveness.


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