Rutger Shield-Biter

Warder of the sept of the Golden Sky


homid Get of Fenris Ahroun, Athro


Rutger has lived wholly within the bawn of the sept since the day it fell to his warband. He knows that the Wendigo were mismanaging it and regrets only that so many of them died before accepting their ouster. The sudden expansion of the adjacent town is a matter of great concern to him — he is advocating making any further expansion untenable, with raids and decimation if need be. His full lineage stretches nearly four minutes when recited aloud and includes such heroes as Tor Foe-Ripper and Gisele Rune-Blessed. His only Garou offspring died during the taking of the caern, but two Kinfolk children live in the town, one of which has recently apprenticed his own son to a certain talented blacksmith.

Rutger Shield-Biter

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