Breaking Mountain

Warder of the Salt Fang sept


homid Uktena Ahroun, Elder


Breaking Mountain is a Warder in conflict. His first priority — his only priority — is the safety and security of the Salt Fang sept, and he has final say in any matters that he deems to fall under that purview. He has supported Two Feathers From Crow’s Wing for years and respects the old wolf tremendously, believing the Judge to have never been misguided in his decisions…until recently. The decision to allow the Rising Storm to use the caern has strained its resources deeply, and the Storm’s alpha has a very valid grievance. He does not see why the sept’s leadership has not given support and warriors to the cause, which would solve all the problems immediately. Breaking Mountain is a mostly silent man, given to a certain amount of contemplation, but he is foremost a warrior and knows that many arguments are only ever properly put to rest with claw and fang. He also knows that he is going to have to have an argument with the sept leader soon.

Breaking Mountain

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