Wyld Wild West

Once Upon a Time in the Savage West

Session 2

The moot happens once every month. It is where new members are initiated, grievances dealt with, exploits reveled about, and general sept business handled. Offices are assigned for the month as well.
The minor offices are as follows:
Truth-catcher: A position prized among philodox, he is the one in charge of hearing grievances and rendering judgement, a new one is picked each month unless it is a small sept and the position can not be rotated. Much to his surprise, Eógan is appointed for this month.

Caller of the Wild: This garou has to be able to interact with the spirits. The ones passing through and the ones already in the sept. He must also be able to draw the attention of the Caern totem. For this month it will be Seeker.

Master of the Howl: He sets the mood for the moot, this is Kevron Three Voices.

Tail (tale) Singer: This person tells about the awesome things the local Garou have done, and helps get them renown. It is a good thing to be on this persons good side.

Wyrm-Foe: This person gets everyone into a frenzy at the end of the moot and leads the revel to get everyone on the same spiritual page.

It is possible to hold two positions at once.
The GrandElderJames Tamerlane Silvermoon IV is the most senior council member. The Silverfang are the traditional hereditary rulers of the Garou. He will be presenting his son Joseph Tiberius Silvermoon as a newly pledged garou and for membership to the sept tonight.
Kevron does a great job with the opening howl.
The next part of the moot is called “inner sky” and it is the Seekers turn to call the spirits. He does okay, but he missed a spirit and it seems sad to have not been invited. He seems to be distracted by something. After calling the spirits (but one) he has to draw the attention of the Caern totem itself. This takes a bit longer, but he is eventually able to do it. There is a rumble of thunder that starts within the earth itself and radiates upward. Mammoth is present.
“Cracking of the Bone” is the next section of the moot.
This is where old business is finished, new business is brought up, grievances dealt with, and new members are initiated. Eógan is in charge of this section.
Silvermoon presents his son as philodox, and that he will pass his Klaive onto him. His eldest son is kinfolk and is not eligible. It is decided that his son will run the gauntlet. Everyone participates in the gauntlet but the Truth-Catcher. Joseph goes through in Crinos form and takes some hard punches but manages to crawl past the end and is greeted as a Garou of the sept of the Golden Sky.
There is also a newcomer to the area. The deputy, Benjamin, is planning on staying indefinitely and will also have to be inducted. He opts to run the gauntlet in Crinos form as well. He takes some pretty hard hits as well. Jane pulls her punch. The deputy walks through the end of the gauntlet and is also welcomed into the Sept of the Golden Sky.
The council begins discussing new business. They discuss the situation with the Wendigo and the Rising Storm sept. We need to establish a boundary with them in order to not decimate resources or ourselves. They wish to create a pack to act as negotiators and peace keepers. Their task will be to go to the sept of Salt Fang and open a treaty of peace to speak to the Pack of the Rising Storm. (Our Caern was previously theirs). Benjamin decides to step up and challenges James Silvermoon IV. He would be thrilled to see Benjamins skills out of the pack and see him rise, so he agrees to sponsor him. Benjamin gets assigned to the new pack being formed.
The seeker challenges Conrad Breaks-the-Back-of-the-Weak
“Go to Rising Storm and make them see reason, or at least be open to it.”
“Fine, got any coffee?” asks the Seeker
“Dice ya for it” offers Conrad.
Unfortunately the Seeker loses the dice roll, “two out of three” he asks with a glint to his eye.
The seeker wins the next two rolls and gets his beloved coffee.
“Do you need a pot?” Conrad asks with a smirk.
The seeker proceeds to win the pot as well.
Jane challenges Soar in Gentle Words. She then proceeds to have a mumbled conversation with no-one, shortly thereafter she changes her challenge to Bridget Salmon’s-Wise-Daughter. She is told to go with the pack.
Eógan Ó Ceallaċáin challenges Faolan Hunts-in-the-Wind. He is advised to ride herd on the pack.
“Once you come back as a third rank, we will go to the Ivory and split a bottle of their best whiskey.”
Richard challenges Conrad as well. He offers to dice for success and Conrad turns him down as there are consequences involved that will effect other people. He also gets sent with the pack.
Rising Storm is over 30 strong with followers at this point. Richard states that he will bring all back from pack with none dead. Conrad accepts this challenge, if Richard is successful he will be Master of the Challenge for three moons.
The pack is formed and this section of the Moot is done.
The next section is stories of old legends, recited litanies, acknowledgement of renown, and people recognized. It is a chance to cool down after Cracking the Bone. Once this is done the Revel starts.
The revel has been curtailed some due to the encroachment of the town. The Wanderer is still sitting in the same spot he was before and can here the revelry.
The entire sept celebrates and runs the edges of the Caern to hunt down predators.
“Not killing now, keep moving” Rutger says as the revelry runs past Wanderer.
Dawn is breaking and thus endeth the moot.
It is Sunday morning and as people head to church the pack is informed that they have one month to assimilate as a pack and needs to be gone by the next moot and with results by the one after. We also need to find an alpha.
Rutger goes to find the Wanderer.
“I don’t like this, if it were up to me we would send you packing or to hell, but the gatekeeper says you have some worth. You need to start proving it. We might have a job for you. When is the last time you ate?”
“Few days” says the Wanderer.
Rutger will have food brought to him.
“What are your specialties, what are you carrying?”
Wandered is carrying three guns, mostly for people who don’t know what they are dealing with and to get them to back down.
Rutger scoffs “that can’t be right, we don’t want someone who is all bristle and no fight!”
“I didn’t say I couldn’t use them” answers Wanderer.
“Show me” Rutger whistles and a tall lanky guy with a mustache hows up. “How far you good?”
The mustached man pulls out a playing card, “when I get far enough you shout stop, and shoot it, the card, not me, by the way, we want to see all three.”
Wanderer looks at Rutger “when I cross someone, they know it” and he proceeds to hit the card with all three of his weapons.
“Not sending a goddamn Ronin out with the pack, but I am also not having this argument here and now, cool your heels1” with that, Rutger heads back to the Caern.
Hours pass before Rutger comes back looking visibly upset.
“Stand up! You don’t come into the Baun, no talking to the spirits, you stick with the pack, but you are not part of it. Go to town with ”/campaigns/wyld-wild-west/characters/jorgen-blood-eagle" class=“wiki-content-link”>Jorgen Blood-EagleI will walk you around the bawn to meet him."
It turns out that Jorgen is the man who held the cards. As soon as Wanderer is delivered to him, Rutger leaves. They start the hour walk to town. Jorgen will take him to his son, who turns out to be the sheriff. The sheriff will introduce him to his deputy Benjamin who is in the pack.
When they arrive at the sheriffs office, he is arguing with a member of the moot who puts himself back in his jail cell after being arrested for being drunk.
“Since the pack is mostly negotiators, serendipity lets us borrow one who used to be a full moon.” says Jorgen.
“You’re kidding” states Benjamin with disdain.
“The gatekeeper has visions, and the mistress of the rite confirms them, all lead to saddling you with this thing.”
“My lucky day”
The pack is summoned for a private ceremony at moonrise (5:20).
The sheriff, Benjamin, and Wanderer all head over to Eógan Ó Ceallaċáin.
Back at the Caern, Jane is performing some ritual in the morning it looks like some kind of martial art forms. Fiona Moon-Dark approaches her slowly and waits for her to finish.
“You need to go to Eogan’s and bring Seeker. Jane goes to seek the seeker and lead him to town. Once at the blacksmiths, she starts to help Dieter with the bellows. When done she asks Eogan for a new puzzle. He gives her one and receives it back completed much more quickly than expected.
“You need to make them harder”
He then hands her two linked metal rings and advises her to solve it. Jane takes them with her as the group starts heading back to the Caern.



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