The year is 1872. The place is a mining town named Mammoth, in Central Utah. The problem is a matter of territory: the caern the Golden Sky sept holds used to belong to the Wendigo, and they aim to take it back.

To the end of sticking right where they are, the sept has spent some time negotiating with the Salt Fang sept, comprised mostly of Uktena who have been able to thus far keep the thirty-strong Wendigo pack (plus its outriders) to heel.

The Iron Riders would prefer to see that situation simmer even further down, since they’ve got a train to bring through the area as soon as possible, and the track needs to be laid without constant Indian raids, thank you.

The Red Talons of the not-too-far-distant Lost Lake sept absolutely don’t want that to happen and the Cunning caern they control may give them the edge they need to be the proverbial monkey wrench in everyone else’s delicately balanced negotiations.

The pack has been tasked to forge a final answer to the territorial issue. Their actions and decisions will shape the interaction between Wyrmcomers and Pure Ones for decades to come. The only question is, what does the dark stranger who just drifted into Mammoth have to do with all this? And what is he keeping ahead of…or is he heralding it?

Wyld Wild West

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